About Church Heritage Cymru

The Church in Wales’ church buildings are a nationally important part of our heritage. A village, town or city's church is often its oldest building still in continual use, as well as its largest and most visited building. Churches are also often an area's most architecturally complex and archaeologically sensitive buildings. In all cases, they were constructed for the glory of God, for worship and mission and for use by the community. They stand as repositories of our shared history.

Church Heritage Cymru is a digital database of church buildings integrated with a Geographic Information System (GIS) and is freely available to anyone who wants to access it. The database was created by the Church in Wales to capture information on all its churches. It contains 1,350 records of church buildings in Wales. Each record contains a wide variety of information from architectural history and archaeology, to worship and the surrounding natural environment. The information contained within has been developed and added to through desk-based research and fieldwork reports, as well as through local initiatives and thematic projects.

Please note Church Heritage Cymru is being continuously updated and developed thanks to the dedication and hard work of local volunteers across Wales and as such remains a work in progress. 

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